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Latency arbitrage is a high-frequency trading strategy that allows traders to make instant profits by acting fast on opportunities presented by pricing inefficiencies between two brokers: it entails trading against the slowest broker knowing the future price in advance -less than one second-.

Easy to set up and supervise
No indicators or hard analysis needed
Arbitrage trading is time-frame independent
Under ideal trading conditions, arbitrage is a zero-risk strategy
Arbitrage is a high-volume strategy and generates a lot of rebates
The Latency Arbitrage EA has lots of amazing features:

It implements two trading modes: Classic or Trailing Stop

  • The EA can trade 32 simultaneous pairs or symbols
  • The EA implements a customizable trading threshold
  • The EA adapts to slippage and commissions
  • The EA places safety SL and TP orders
  • The trading activity is NFA-FIFO Compliant
  • Boost your trading activity with the easiest Latency Arbitrage EA available, just like our customers have already done.

So, what is latency arbitrage?
Latency arbitrage is a low-risk trading strategy that allows traders to make a profit with no open currency exposure. It involves acting fast on opportunities presented by pricing inefficiencies between different Metatader brokers. These inefficiencies can be caused by liquidity providers or network issues on the broker’s side. When there is a price difference between brokers big enough to cover both spreads and then some, opposite trades are opened until both price quotes match again.

Latency Arbitrage consists on connecting several Metatrader platforms using a single Expert Advisor, and trading price inefficiencies between them, without the need of placing an opposite trade on other broker. This can be done because Metatrader brokers do not deliver quotes at exactly the same time, and it is common to find differences of 1-2 pips and 1-5 seconds between them. Thus, by getting quotes from a mixed group of brokers, the expert advisor can trade against the slowest one knowing the future short-term price in advance.

Latency Arbitrage needs a good internet connection and low spread brokers.

Example of Latency Arbitrage
The basic usage of the expert advisor is trading two different brokers against each other. The EA would take advantage of network or pricing inefficiencies between two brokers, sending short-lived orders and capturing 1-2 pips per trade. The expert advisor shares the last price quote and timestamp between all platforms, and attacks the slowest broker by knowing in advance the next price quotes to be received. In the example below, the EA is acting as master and slave in both platforms.

The Latency Arbitrage EA only trades when the price difference is likely to cover spread, commissions and slippage.





  1. Alaxsander

    1 month before i all ready buy this mewsfx . And I earning more profit . Thanks

  2. Anton

    i was buy . I was make very very money from this robot . Profit growing amazing . So great !

  3. daniel

    I bought this one and it looks great.

  4. mohomad salam

    I bought this robot a month ago. I made a profit. I highly recommend this.

  5. Antonio

    È fantastico. Il mio account è cresciuto a 2350$ ieri .. Grazie ragazzo grazie.

  6. narendra

    I’m really happy
    I tried around with a lot of EA’S until I found this one.
    I was surprised because it is one of the rare really working EA’s in the market.

  7. Simo

    Very good one

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